donderdag 27 april 2017

Weather System, Instantiation and Skyboxes

So, an elemental obstacle course has to really stand out.

To do this I had to modify the teleportation system I used to a big extend. I had to add to following functionality :

  • De-instance the levels that are not being played.
    • And to compensate the telporter has to instantiate the level loaded. This is also very important for performance.
    • And thus create a small script that de-instances all the levels beside the lobby on game start.
  • Change skybox depending on the level loaded.

But the code  of the teleporter is still very clean and compact. The fact that a lot of code is pre-written in Unity helps a lot.

I also made a weather system using particles that:
  • Trails the player as the player progresses in the level. Floating above the player, making a rain system that covers the entire level is too taxing for performance.
  • Displays the correct particles and properties depending on the loaded level.

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