donderdag 18 mei 2017

HKU - Building Playful Worlds - Tower of the Arch Mage - Part 1.

This is another update for my Tower of the Arch Mage project. A game I make for the "Playful Worlds Unity lessons" at the HKU.
The first thing I wanted to make sure is that I have a pixel perfect camera. I used an imported camera script from the store. But I had to sprite textures and make them work in a pixel-perfect enviroment.


I really like making sprites. Unity wasn't originally made to exactly replicate pixels in a 2d enviroment, but by finding the right tricks you can get quite far.

I also wrote a small script to have a procedurally generated terain from two different textures. (with some help from Arjan Cordia)
The map generator I use for this project is an edited version of the map creation engine from "Object Oriƫnted Abyss 2". Here's an example of the instantiation code.

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