donderdag 18 mei 2017

OC: Shaders and Volumetric Light.

I took a look at the tutorial by : "Brackeys".

This tutorial explains a lot about Volumetric Lights and how to apply them.

Volumetric lights are a technique used in games (and 3d animation) to create light beams cast from the light source to add more detail and highlighting to your enviroment. I think the default lighting and shaders from Unity are pretty decent. But I wanted to try to use some advanced graphic techniques.

The elements in the obstacle course now look way stronger.

All of the above examples are with using volumetric lighting on directional lights. They are even more useful on spotlight to really highlight something in a scene.

Spotlight example

So yeah. Just toying around with shaders and volumetric lighting. It's a really useful tool to highlight things and to bring a great atmosphere.
More about Volumetric light.

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